Prime Timers Seniors Fellowship of Saint George Church meets each month for fellowship, service and education. There is no age limit on those that would like to participate. Our focus for this ministry is on our senior members of the Saint George community. Join us and bring a friend.

February Event: Lunch & Fellowship in the Church Hall

Thursday, February 27 10:30-1:00

Good Food & Conversation in the St George Church Hall

Rite Aid Wellness Event on January 29

A Wellness Event sponsored by RiteAid Pharmacy and St. George Church took place on Januray 29 in the St. George Church Hall.  Rite Aid pharmicists Chrisanthy Moulinos, Melany Dafniotidis and Demetra Mitsanis offered blood pressure readings, Alzheimer screening test, drug interaction/medication review and counseling and BMI readings. They also brought a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels. Sandwiches from Route 66 Cafe & Refreshments were served. Many thanks to Rite Aid and Chrisanthy, Melany and Demetra for a successful first event for our  PrimeTimers.